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Lessons From Cats

Let’s talk about cats.

Cats are great. I didn’t fully understand this fact until my fiancee and I got cats of our own (pictured above), but it’s true. They’re fun, sometimes strange little animals, but we can learn a lot from them.

Let’s discuss the greatness and majesty of our feline friends.

Cats Are Forgiving

Our cats love to play, though animal playing is more like wrestling, or sometimes fisticuffs. They beat each other up, they take naps, and when they wake up, they’re friends again.

Takeaway: If you’ve got a problem with someone, let them know, and then get over it. No cat-style wrestling necessary. The nap is optional, but comes highly recommended.

Cats Are Friendly (Sometimes)

I used to think that cats didn’t like people, though that’s not really true. Sure, some cats are like that. But most of the time they’re selective; they have people that they establish a rapport with over time, and then you’re buddies for life. You also get bonus points toward cat friendship if you happen to be the one supplying them with food every morning.

Takeaway: We don’t need to be selective, necessarily, but we should surround ourselves with people that make us happy. And if those people give us food, that’s pretty cool, too.

Cats Find Joy in the Little Things

Our cats’ favorite toy is a stick with a fuzzy bee on the end of it. That’s it. They don’t have laptop computers and they don’t really care about TV. Aside from that app designed for cats, they don’t give a fig about iPhones.

We humans can take note. Sometimes it feels like we need big flashy things in order to be happy, but we really don’t. There are simple things in life, and we should enjoy them, too.

Takeaway: Find your stick with a fuzzy bee on the end of it, and enjoy.

Cats Are Funny

One of my cats likes to climb on my shoulders and purr in my ear. The other enjoys walking up to me, meowing once, and then walking away. I’m not sure if they mean to be funny, but they are.

For humans, the lesson is clear: Let’s not forget the importance of laughter! There’s no better link between people (and animals) than a good loud laugh.

Takeaway: laughter is universal, no matter what language you speak.

Cats Have Their Own International Holiday

Yes, there is such a thing as International Cat Day. Clearly, this day was established not by humans, but by cats themselves. There’s no International Human Day, which makes me think felines are a step ahead.

Takeaway: if you want to be more like a cat, establish your own international holiday. It can’t be that hard, right?

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  1. Well done!

    I’m not much of a cat person anymore (I call them “living knick-knacks”). I much prefer the loyalty, camaraderie, and, after developing an allergy, the relatively dander-free breeds of dogs.

    But I can definitely appreciate the lessons you’ve drawn from them!

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