Published Work


Unbelievable” | Chantwood Magazine | January 2017 | Hate vampire fiction? This story makes fun of it. Gleefully, I might add.

Thespian: A Story of Tragedy and Redemption in Three Acts” | Allegory (Archived) | November 2016 | A pompous actor attempts to adjust to life after losing his job to computer imagery technology.

Wings” | Five on the Fifth | June 2016 | A story about a character’s terrible obsession with flight.

Sightings” | Dark Fire Fiction | February 2015 | A reporter tracks a mysterious creature across the world, chronicling the unexplainable disease left in its wake.

The Boy, Four Mugs of Ale, and the Extract of Dragonsbane” | Fiction on the Web | February 2015 | Five adventurers journey into a dragon’s den in search of treasure, but only one will survive to tell the tale. An homage to Middle-Earth.


“Jeter-esque” | Stymie Magazine | December 2013 | A creative nonfiction piece that explores individuality and imitation through the lens of baseball.

Blog Posts

10 Bold Predictions for the Future of Magic” | The Bag of Loot | February 2016 | If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering, you probably can’t wait for what comes next. Here’s an article for all the prognosticators out there.

Three Perfect Moments to Use the TeamSnap Mobile App” | TeamSnap Blog | February 2016 | A blog on staying in touch, even when you can’t be at the game.

How Parents and Coaches Can Become Better Teammates” | TeamSnap Blog | October 2015 | The title says it all.

Grimdark Onscreen” | Grimdark Magazine | January 2015 | An analysis of Grimdark fiction on both the small screen and the silver screen. Co-written with Layla Cummins.

Joe Abercrombie’s Half a King is a Hell of a Lot of Fun” | Grimdark Magazine | October 2014 | A book review of Joe Abercrombie’s sort of young adult novel.

5 Great Covers You Probably Though Were Originals” | Imprint Magazine | April 2013 | A blog describing five famous cover songs and the original versions that inspired them.


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