This Coming Offseason

2012 was obviously a disappointing season for the G-Men. Failing to make the playoffs is never fun, especially when you won the Superbowl the year before. They had a typically good start followed by a typically bad mid season slump, but this time they just couldn’t get there. Close, but no playoffs.

First thing on the to do list for the off season: re-sign Victor Cruz. No questions. Whatever he asks for, they need to give it to him. The guy has more catches through two seasons than any other Giant receiver in team history, plus he’s a ridiculous deep threat and is only 26 years old. They’d be insane to let him walk.

There are a lot of other free agents that GM Jerry Reese will need to take a look at as well. Osi Umenyiora, Kenny Phillips, and Martellus Bennett will all be unrestricted. Bennett looked great for the first half of the season, but then sort of petered out with the rest of the team. I think he’s got potential, however, and the Giants should re-sign him. Though Kenny Phillips has had injury issues, he’s a formidable option at safety when healthy. He’s another guy that the Giants should bring back.

I’m not so sure about Osi. He’s made it pretty clear that he’s not happy, and that he wants a pay increase, one that the Giants probably won’t be giving him. Plus, I think his best years are behind him. Time to move on.

With the number 19 pick in the draft, I think Jerry Reese and company should look at the defensive side of the ball. The secondary looked kind of weak by the end of the year, especially Corey Webster. Prince Amukamara has injury issues, as does Aaron Ross. Perhaps they take a cornerback?

If they don’t go that route, linebacker would be the next best bet. They’ve been missing a big defensive presence up the middle ever since Antonio Pierce retired. A guy like Notre Dame’s Manti Ta’o would be perfect, though I don’t know if he’ll fall that far.

I think the offense should be set for next year. Eli has plenty of solid receivers, and with the emergence of David Wilson and Andrew Brown, they look pretty stacked at running back. A few late round picks at guard or tackle would be a good way to provide some depth for the O-line, which suffered its share of injuries in 2012.

Here’s hoping for a good offseason, a great season, and an even better postseason!


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