Crazy Mother’s Day

Having a hard time thinking of something to do for your mom on Mother’s Day? Think another lame card from Target just isn’t going to cut it this year? Well my friends, here are some ideas for Mother’s Day your mom will never forget!

Crazy Mother’s Day Idea #1 – Take Mom Skydiving

Defying death has never been so fun, and who better to do it with than your lovely mother? This will be an experience that neither of you will forget. You can make it even more interesting by taking bets on who will have a heart attack first. If you go this route, make sure you bring along the trusty old defibrillator.

Crazy Mother’s Day Idea #2 – Take Mom for a Joyride

Most people don’t know this, but a lot of moms have a huge amount of repressed anger, and most of it’s directed at you. Remember that time you didn’t do your science project, and then mom had to do it for you at midnight? Or the time you left your dirty socks on the floor and mom had to pick them up? It’s these kinds of things that make moms so angry. So on Mother’s Day, put your mom behind the wheel of a car and let her drive one-twenty down the freeway. You could even bring a baseball bat to a residential neighborhood and have mom whack a few mailboxes while you’re at it. If you get pulled over, just remind the officer that it’s Mother’s Day. If he has a mom, he’ll understand.

Crazy Mother’s Day Idea #3 – Blow Something Up with Mom

What could be more fun? There’s nothing like a nice big explosion to bring a family together. I would start small, with a garden gnome or something, then work your way up. Maybe by the end you could blow up mom’s boss’s house. Now that’s a Mother’s Day gift I’m sure she’d appreciate.

In all seriousness, I wish every mom out there a happy Mother’s Day. I encourage everyone to do something with their moms, whether it’s something crazy or something relaxing. And to my mom – the best mom in the world – I love you, and happy Crazy Mother’s Day!


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